Q: How long does it take for my submission to be processed?

The fulfillment team will email confirmation of submission within one business day of receipt. Creation of the Storefront can be expected within 7 days of submission.

Q: Will the fulfillment team create a logo for my Storefront?

Unfortunately, Sole Solution does not create custom logos or graphics. However, upon request we will resize and combine provided images to create a presentable header for the listing.

Q: Do I have to fill in everything on the submission form?

In order to provide a quality product in a timely manner, specified sections of the submission form are required.

Q: Can I login and make changes to a listing I submitted?

After initial creation and optimization of a Storefront the fulfillment team will email login credentials. You may login to the Storefront by selecting ‘sign in’ in the upper right corner to make any desired modifications.