Storefronts Hot Deals Domains
  • Storefront Fulfillment - How it works
    Step 1: Submission Form and Instructions

    Fill out the online submission form found HERE.

    Step 2: Verification of Order
    • You will receive confirmation that your order has been received within one business day of your submission.
    • Within 4 business days, we will provide you with a preview link for your client. You will also be provided with the username and password for the Storefront.
    • The username and password can be given to the client at that point, or after they approve the Storefront.
    Step 3: Advertiser approval
    • Your client is allowed to request any minor revisions needed to gain approval. Change requests from you client may be submitted to Please allow one business day for changes to be made and an updated preview link to be sent to you.
    • If first version of the business listing is acceptable, give us your approval HERE.
    Step 4: Storefront Goes Live

    We prefer to receive approval before a Storefront is made live. However, Storefronts are set to automatically become active and start billing 72 hours after the preview link has been sent. Please keep this timeframe in mind when working with your client.

    Once the Storefront is live, responsibility is turned over to you to make additional modifications to the content of site. If technical issues arise with the site please contact your Sole Solution website manager or sales representative.

    Additional Information
    Business Logo/Header:

    The Sole Solution fulfillment team will use a logo/header that is sent provided with the submission form. If no logo is provided, an auto-generated standard logo/header will be used. Unfortunately, we do not create custom logo/header images for clients. You may provide images that can be used for the logo/header image. We will crop and resize the images, if possible, to fit in the logo/header area at the top of the Storefront.


    We will use content available on an existing website, or that is provided with the submission form to populate the site. We do not write or create content for Storefront products.

    Site Customization

    Customization of Storefront products is allowed within the editing capabilities of the template. Each section of the Storefront can be updated with new and different content and the background color of the site can be changed. If your client requests further customization, we’ll look at the request and determine if it’s possible.

    Platinum Tabs

    There are 6 different tabs of content on a Storefront with a designated purpose and one custom tab. The basic layout and function of the sections in each of the first 6 tabs is not customizable. However, the custom tab is completely adaptable to the clients desired use. You can provide us with the content for the custom tab, but we will not custom build out this tab for the client.

  • Hot DealTM Fulfillment - How it works

    After the sale of a Hot Deal, please follow each step below to ensure fast and efficient service.

    Step 1: Fill out the online form

    Fill out the online submission form located HERE.

    Populate all fields of the form with the requested information. It is important to be as detailed as possible about the deal.

    Hot Deals that are the most successful offer 50% off or more and appeal to a wide range of customers.

    Step 2: Order fulfillment and approval

    Confirmation that your submission has been received will be sent within one business day.

    Within two business days a link to preview the Hot Deal will be sent. This link should be shared with your client for their approval.

    Once your client has given consent to go live please give us your approval HERE.

    After approval, the deal will go live on the scheduled start date.

    Step 3: Hot Deal Analytics

    A re-cap of the Hot Deal will be emailed the day after the scheduled finish date of the deal. If the deal met the threshold set by the client, a spreadsheet will be attached that consists of the following:

    • Name of each deal purchaser
    • Email address of each deal purchaser
    • How many deals were sold
    • Unique redemption code for each deal purchaser

    The Hot Deals analytics portal can be found on the client’s business listing after logging in and selecting the “HOT DEALS” button on the upper left hand side of the screen. Your client can utilize built-in tools to enter and track vouchers as they are redeemed. This allows the client to measure the deals effectiveness and monitor deal usage.

  • Domain Name Ordering - How it works

    Sole Solution provides a domain name for all purchased Storefront or Premium Storefront products. To secure a domain name please perform the following steps:

    • Go to and search for availability of the domain name requested by the client. For optimal SEO results select a domain name that contains one of your target keywords and a geographic location (example: Please be aware that is not always accurate so a secondary domain name may be requested from you.
    • After selecting a domain name submit it using the online domain request form HERE. Sole Solution will then purchase and set it up on the Storefront

    NOTE: Sole Solution will maintain ownership of all domain names we purchase. Your client may purchase their own domain name for use with the Storefront. In order to have us point the domain name you will need to provide the login credentials for the registrar they purchased the domain name from (i.e. GoDaddy, etc.). We will then make the necessary changes to point that domain name to the Storefront.